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Through Summit, Executive Chairman Bruce Rastetter, and the Rastetter Foundation, we are dedicated to giving back to our communities through support and donations that help sustain Iowa’s proudest traditions as well as develop new leaders. In our operations, we are committed to environmental preservation and improvement to maintain our land resources for generations to come. In addition to gifts supporting philanthropic endeavors, our team believes in civic leadership to create lasting change for worthwhile causes and organizations.


Investing in Education

Providing support to educational programs, facilities and students to create the next generation of leaders

A $2.25 million gift Nba gamesenabled the College of Agriculture to establish an endowed chair in Entrepreneurship, as well as renovate space in Curtiss Hall to house the program. This gift enables Iowa State students and faculty to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and create greater opportunities for successful leaders in the future.

Iowa State Ag Entrepreneurship Initiative

Iowa Foundation for Ag Advancement

The Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement is comprised of agricultural enthusiasts dedicated to encouraging 4-H and FFA livestock, poultry, and agriculture projects members to pursue ag-related careers. Three $8,000 scholarships are available with focuses on entrepreneurship, sustainability and renewable fuels.

Ellsworth Community College

Ellsworth Community College is located in Iowa Falls, Iowa where Bruce has been a generous supporter of education and the Ellsworth College Foundation “Vision 21 Capital Campaign” that provided funding for the Nba live stream free 2024construction of the Agriculture and Renewable Energy Center and provides scholarships for Ellsworth students.

Giving back to the community

Improving healthcare, establishing collaboration and upgrading facilities to have a lasting impact

Seeing an opportunity to improve healthcare in Mato Grosso, a $1 million gift established a new maternity ward at Hospital Sao Lucas in Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso where one of FS’ biofuel plants is located. In addition to the construction of the new facility, a knowledge sharing program was established for local doctors to collaborate with doctors from the University of Iowa to improve outcomes for all patients.

Hospital Sao Lucas

Iowa State Fair

The Iowa State Fair is the state’s premier event, and a $1 million gift to the Blue Ribbon Foundation helped enable the renovation of the 4-H Exhibits Building. This gift provides necessary funds to help the Blue Ribbon Foundation improve the fairgrounds for the benefit of all fairgoers NBA games today livethat attend each summer as well as attendees of off-season events that utilize facilities throughout the rest of the year.

Iowa Football Performance Center

As a University of Iowa graduate, Bruce has been a longtime supporter of the University of Iowa and a member of the President’s Club. A $5 million gift to the University of Iowa Foundation helped provide a first-class football facility which ensures the success of the program and supported the renovation and expansion of administrative space and training facilities used by Iowa Hawkeye staff and student-athletes.

environmental Stewardship

Committed to the preservation of resources and Producing crops & livestock in the right way

Since the early 1990s, Summit has championed resource conservation. Practices have included enrolling more than 1,000 acres in USDA conservation programs, installing 150 miles of grass filter strips, establishing a nearly 200 acre wetland and planting thousands of trees each year.

Preserving Natural Habitat

Sustainable Farming Practices

The Summit team is committed to sustainable agricultural production practices to mitigate impacts to the environment. Modern farming techniques, such as split nutrient application, are used to safely increase output and reduce inputs while preserving the land for future generations.

Promoting Animal Welfare

Summit Agricultural Group raises livestock under the highest standards of animal welfare. All Summit-owned and managed facilities provide humane living conditions, nutritious feed and fresh, potable water. Our approach means healthier animals, safer food and greater results for our partners.

CIVIC Leadership

leading organizations impacting education, healthcare, commununities and industry

Originally appointed in 2011 by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, Bruce served as the president of the Board of Regents from 2013 to 2017. The board oversees Iowa’s three public universities as well as the University of Iowa Hospitals and Nba gamesClinics to maintain the accessibility and quality of the institutions. During his tenure as president, the board enacted a multi-year tuition freeze that increased affordability for students and drove higher enrollment across the state.

Iowa Board of Regents

Richard O. Jacobson Foundation

Richard “Dick” Jacobson was a distinguished businessman and philanthropist supporting healthcare, education, youth development and medical research. As CEO of the foundation, Bruce carried out Dick’s mission of changing lives and working with organizations that help the most people in the most effective way. One of the foundation’s recent gifts includes a $70 million donation to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics to construct a new patient care tower.

Growth Energy

As a founding board member of Growth Energy, Bruce saw the need for a voice for the biofuel industry. Today, Growth Energy represents America’s biofuel producers to promote the industry, advocate for sound policy and educate Nba live stream free 2024consumers on the economic and climate benefits of biofuels.